Feb 2nd, 2013

posted Feb 5, 2013, 8:23 AM by Rochester Hindi Paathshala


Important dates:

 Midterm exam : February 24th 2013

Vocabulary bee: March 24th 2013

Final exam: May 12th 2013

 For midterm exam on Feb 24th below will be covered:

-          Writing and  recognition of all vowels and consonants until  ma.

-          All words in the flashcards until ma.

-          6 questions from the text book on Pg 62 and Pg 63 of the text book

-          Counting upto 30

-          Know the Song Phool and its meaning

 Below was covered in the last class:

 1)      Practiced 1st 4 lines of Indian National Anthem (Jana Gana Mana). Kids will be performing the song at the end of year program day (June 9th)

2)      Revised writing p,Ph,b,bh and m

3)      Practiced ye,re,le,se,sh . Kids need to finish the purple book first 4 lines if they haven’t done at class.

4)      Practiced question/answers on Pg 62 of the text book

5)      Watched the below consonant video