Safety and Discipline Guidelines

Beginning of the day:
  • Parents are responsible to ensure the kids and brought  inside the classroom and are not dropped off outside the building. The Paathshaala cannot not take any responsibility for your child's safety if this is not followed.
During class guidelines:
  • Be respectful and courteous towards everyone.
  • No teasing, calling names or making fun of other kids.
  • Respectful language used by kids and adults.
  • No running in the hallways and the stairs.
  • Responsible for taking care of the material and books.
  • Keep the place clean before leaving.
  • No toys or candies in the classroom unless requested by the teacher.
  • NO SNACKS WITH NUTS as some kids have allergies.
After Class guidelines:
  • Parents need to come inside the building to pick up their kids. We will not allow the kids to leave on their own from the building.