The Rochester Hindi School is an organization dedicated to helping the students in the local community learn Hindi. We are fortunate to have many native speaking faculty and volunteers that help us realize our goal. 
We believe that small class size, quality teachers, the best facilities and the highest quality textbooks are key foundations to learning a language. However, truly learning a language requires knowledge of reading, writing, and speaking; anything less is teaching illiteracy. Therefore, we offer a complete package of language learning similar to the approach used in universities where one begins by learning the alphabet while speaking and reading in present tense. Further tenses and more vocabulary and grammar are systematically introduced and studied as one progresses through the various levels of learning.

Our learning experience produces durable results by paying attention to the foundation of language structure. We know that effective learning requires a focused curriculum and active student participation; mere conversation is not enough to acquire sufficient knowledge in a  language. For this reason, we “ground” our training with the presentation and practice of grammar, targeted vocabulary building, idiomatic structures, proficiency in reading and writing, effective listening, intonation and fluency of expression.